Saturday, July 23, 2011

ghosts, part 2

maybe if i lived alone, ghosts would overrun me.

maybe it's only the bustle and activity of others that keeps them at bay.

they lurk just behind me, everywhere. in cupboards, in smells, in sounds, in half-remembered conversations that drift into my brain, in dreams.

memories and ghosts.


  1. I love this :) When we lived in an old warehouse building in Portland, the guy who lived on the same floor as us, said ghosts would follow me around, as I talked to myself, when I'm writing or working on my art. When Tod and I would go out for the day, he said, they would slam doors and act angry that I wasn't there to talk to them and keep them company.

  2. thanks, uva. i love your story too. i'm so impressed, by the way, at your dedication in posting every day! that takes so much work.